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Bailey’s Fine Jewelry is proud to provide a variety of services to meet all your jewelry needs. From the beginning, service has been at the heart of who we are. In fact, jewelry repair and superior customer service is exactly where it all began.  Over the course of seventy-five years, from Rocky Mount to Raleigh’s Village District, the Bailey’s family has gone to extraordinary lengths to provide the community with the most talented jewelers and watchmakers, as well as the latest technological advances available anywhere in the industry. Our sense of service along with a sincere appreciation for our patrons and the special place jewelry holds in their lives is exactly why we do what we do.

Bailey’s, as a member of the AGS (American Gem Society), offers an accredited lab guaranteeing your jewelry is handled by experienced professionals. We employ the services of jewelry designers,  gold-buyers, graduate gemologists, and an in-store watchmaker. We also have experts with china, silver, silverware, insurance, and appraisals. Our industry-leading staff is comprised of graduate gemologists, master jewelers, and a CW21-certified watchmaker just to name a few. And each of them awaits the opportunity to ensure your experience at Bailey’s is an outstanding one.

A Little Love For Repair

Bailey’s Fine Jewelry has an incredibly knowledgeable staff that doesn’t rush customers ensuring the work done is exactly what the customer wants.

Many places farm out their work to other vendors, leading to communication issues, lengthy turnaround times and mistakes. At Bailey’s all repairs are completed at one of our four store locations. Bailey’s is also well-known for our turnaround times, as evidenced by the large number of “while you wait” and “same day” repairs.

There are many small silver and gold repair shops across the area, but the quality of repair is often poor. Patrons frequently bring in jewelry that has been repaired at other shops and it is obvious the look and quality of the jewelry has been compromised. Common repair mistakes include visible soldering and improper resetting. Bailey’s jewelers are dedicated to excellence and integrity and treat each piece with care and respect.

This means all repairs are finished with a polish and/or reapplication of surface treatments such as antiquing or satin finishing and cleaned thoroughly. This is not standard with all jewelers as most do little to no finishing work to reduce cost. This may allow for a cheaper repair price, but it certainly doesn’t reflect a commitment to excellence and quality.

Bailey’s Fine Jewelry has an excellent staff of people who love to share their expertise. There is always a great team to consult about any concerns and desires. Our experts ensure each repair is getting the best quality work with the most up-to-date methods.

Bailey’s jewelers have the absolute best tools on the market available to them to guarantee the best result possible. High-powered microscopes and laser welders mean unparalleled precision and quality. These tools give Bailey’s jewelers the ability to do certain repairs that were once considered impossible. Laser welding also ensures karat purity in repairs.

These are just a few of the reasons Bailey’s Fine Jewelry is a cut above the rest. Our dedication to the customer is at the heart of our business and we do everything we can to ensure each customer leaves Bailey’s completely satisfied!

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