Lab Grown Diamonds

Looking for an alternative to traditional diamonds?

While 99 percent of the diamonds we sell are natural, Bailey’s also offers a collection of lab-grown diamonds. These pieces are eco-friendly and 40 to 60 percent less expensive than a natural diamond. Plus, they look identical to their earth-mined counterparts with only a few small differences.


What are the benefits of lab-created diamonds?

  • They’re socially responsible –An eco-friendly choice, grown diamonds are harvested responsibly, created in a controlled lab that abides by ethical principles and doesn’t harm the environment or individuals around it.
  • They’re budget friendly – Lab-grown diamonds are 40 to 60 percent less expensive than naturally mined diamonds, making these an excellent option for those who are planning their wedding on a budget.
  • They’re better for the environment – The process for naturally mining diamonds is 7 times harsher on the environment than lab-grown diamonds. Earth mining impacts the surrounding soil, air quality and water usage. Because grown diamonds are created in a lab, the environmental effects are mitigated.
  • They’re identical in quality – The same high standards used to grade natural diamonds are implemented to assess lab-grown diamonds as well. In fact, man made diamonds possess the same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds—the difference is indistinguishable even under a microscope.

Lab grown diamond in ring box surrounded by flowers.

Natural vs. Man-Made

Earth-mined and man-made diamonds are almost indistinguishable, and are made of pure carbon. The difference lies in the scientific process in which they are created.

  • Natural diamonds are formed beneath the earth’s crust resulting from extreme pressure over millions of years.
  • Lab created diamonds start with a small diamond seed placed in a sophisticated pressure chamber containing carbon. By recreating the intense heat and pressure of the earth’s crust, the diamond grows layer by layer. Approximately 10 to 12 weeks later a diamond is formed.

Lab-Grown Diamonds at Bailey's

Shop a wide selection of loose lab-grown diamonds, engagement rings, and fashion jewelry.

What’s the difference?

Lab-grown diamonds are physically, optically and chemically identical to earth-mined diamonds, and are indistinguishable by even the most experienced gemologists. Only very expensive and sophisticated equipment can positively differentiate the two.

Most lab-grown diamonds larger than 0.25 carats come with a grading certificate. At Bailey’s, we’re happy to put together an appraisal that best fits your needs based on the information we receive from the certificate.

Similarly to diamonds mined from the earth, each diamond varies in color and clarity grades. These diamonds are classified as Type IIa crystals, which make up one to two percent of all natural diamonds. They’re almost completely devoid of impurities, so each cut that makes it to our stores is truly exceptional.

Lab Grown Diamonds are excluded from Bailey’s Trade-in Policy.

Lab Grown Diamonds purchased from Bailey’s do not come with a free-mounting like their natural counterparts, nor are they covered under Bailey’s 100-day price protection guarantee.


Bailey’s is proud to offer gorgeous, socially-responsible, and eco-friendly cultured diamonds to delight you or a loved one. Whether you’re thinking about popping the question with a beautiful lab-grown engagement ring or are looking to add sparkle to your wardrobe with a pair of synthetic diamond studs, turn to the experts at Bailey’s.

Know before you buy.

Bailey’s wants you to be an educated buyer, armed with the pros and cons of all diamond buying. Ultimately, whether to choose a lab-grown diamond or a natural diamond is a personal decision that depends on a variety of factors, including budget, size, style, and personal preferences.

Lightbox Jewelry

Shop Lightbox lab-grown diamond fashion jewelry. Transparently priced, amazing for everyday wear, and always VS clarity.

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Lightbox Jewelry

Shop Lightbox lab-grown diamond fashion jewelry. Transparently priced, amazing for everyday wear, and always VS clarity.

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